The FIFA 2014 World Cup Draw and what I think may happen.

Group A

Brazil will get out of Group A undefeated while Croatia and Mexico will try to do everything they can to advance out of the group. Cameroon could be a sleeper in the group if the team can play together which is rare since most of their players play across the globe and it makes them lack chemistry.


Group B

Spain will get out of the group, but while most people think the Netherlands will get out of the group too I pick Chile to move on. Why? Well Chile has maintained the same squad since the 2010 World Cup and have built up since then to where they are now. While the Netherlands had a complete overhaul since the Euro 2012 where they did not receive a single point.


Group C

Colombia are the obvious favorites to move on. It gets a little more tricky with the Ivory Coast, Greece, and Japan. Japan do not have the same headstrong squad they did in 2002. I think the Ivory Coast can sneak past this group.


Group D

Although Uruguay went through a playoff to get here to me they still have some depth in their team and Suarez is the game changer as we saw in 2010 vs Ghana. I think England also gets out of the group as Italy is not that strong this time around.


Group E

France will get through easily if they don’t revolt again. They have completely lucked out be having the second easiest group. Ecuador will come in second and could possibly surprise France if they underestimate Ecuador.


Group F

By far the easiest group Argentina will go undefeated and Bosnia-Herzegovina will surprise us all and take the second spot in the group by doing well versus Nigeria and Iran. But first they must be initiated into the World Cup by Argentina. Argentina will come out with something to prove and unfortunately Bosnia-Herzegovina will take a big hit for it.


Group G

The Group of Death. Germany will come into the first match strong vs Portugal and with a lose vs Germany  it will send Portugal to a must win game vs USA. Cristiano Ronaldo will be the difference for Portugal vs Ghana and USA. Germany and Portugal will move on.


Group H

Algeria is the second weakest team in the World Cup. This will make it easier for Belgium to take first in the group and Russia second.


My thoughts by looking at the potential round of 16 is Germany will have to overcome Brazil in the semifinals in order to move to the final and Spain will meet its demise against Argentina in the semifinal. Brazil is strong like most people think but as a team they lack experience and they cannot play unless they have possession of the ball for most of the game. If Germany can maintain possession of the ball while being more aggressive, which I think they can, then Germany can move on to the Final.

Argentina have moved on from the high expectations of the 2010 World Cup and they have grown as a team to become better than in 2010. With a healthy Messi this is where he will hush all critics and win the 2014 World Cup.